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Looking for a balance of style and function, we created a contemporary loft concept  in the trendy industrial neighbourhood of Barcelona.

The light and fresh color palette sets a warm and inviting atmosphere while iconic furniture and art pieces add a touch of elegance.

Despite working with our client remotely, who was located on a different continent, we were able to infuse their personality and taste into the design. With the use of plants, unique decor elements, and soft fabrics, we created a space that's both elegant and comfortable.


Contemporary Loft in Barcelona's
Trendy Industrial Neighbourhood

Apartment , Barcelona

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Planning and Conceptualization

We were presented with an apartment that was still under construction, with a floor plan split into a living and kitchen area, as well as two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Our goal was to create a cohesive furniture disposition that would seamlessly tie the spaces together. With close collaboration with our client, we were able to transform one of the bedrooms into a functional office space that fit his lifestyle and preferences.


Visualization and Presentation

The visualization and 3D concept process was a journey that allowed us to work closely with our client. Step by step, we defined each room in 3D and ensured that the interior design was coherent and respectful of the architecture and exterior.

Through various revisions and by trying different variants, our client was able to see how her house would look and make decisions with confidence. This process was essential in bringing our client's vision to life.

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Documentation and Execution

During the third step of the design process, we engaged in close collaboration with the client to create a list of furniture and accessories. Taking into consideration their preferences and style, we ensured that every item on the list aligned with the overall design concept. 

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Stay tuned for updates on the progress of this project as it comes to life. Follow us on social media to get a sneak peek behind the scenes and be the first to see the final result.

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