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Mediterranean-inspired breakfast nook: a coastal house transformation.

When a client approached me with the vision of bringing a touch of the Mediterranean to her coastal home, I eagerly embraced the opportunity. I'll walk you through our journey, focusing on the heart of the home: the kitchen and the inviting dining area.

Before you continue reading about this transformation, note that this project and client were based in the US. As a result, all the suggested furniture and brands are available for purchase exclusively in the US.


The design process began with thorough research, delving into the essence of coastal and Mediterranean design. The first step involved developing a mood and feel that encapsulated the soul of our theme. I was seeking to create a space where sea and sun harmonized effortlessly.

I planned to utilize a harmonious blend of natural materials like wood, stone, and rattan, creating a tactile and inviting environment that echoed the Mediterranean's rustic charm.

Furniture mood board (Pinterest)

Once my general concept took shape, I moved on to designing a floor plan that could maximize the functionality of the house. My client loves hosting guests, so I strategically created multiple seating areas, including bar stools around the kitchen counter, a cosy breakfast nook, a spacious dining table, and additional seating setups in the living room. The aim was to offer versatility and comfort, giving the client the freedom to entertain in style.

floor plan by dekoproject

The last stage revolved around the meticulous selection of furniture pieces that played a crucial role in capturing the initial mood and atmosphere I envisioned. Now, let's move on to the exciting part where I'll list all the furniture and décor elements used to style the breakfast nook.

I selected these swivel base chairs with boucle fabric upholstery in ivory white to infuse the breakfast nook with a modern style that complements the coastal Mediterranean theme. The swivel feature adds functionality and versatility, allowing for easy interaction and enjoyment of the surrounding space.

The decision to use a round table in the breakfast nook was mainly influenced by its ability to create an inviting dining space. Its rounded shape promotes a sense of togetherness, making it easier for everyone to engage in conversation and enjoy their meals, seamlessly aligning with the coastal Mediterranean theme. The table's construction from reclaimed pine wood adds an eco-friendly and rustic charm to the space.

This bench combines classic and modern styles beautifully. Crafted from solid oak and featuring an architectural base and tapered legs, it effortlessly adds character to the space.

A rattan wooden pendant is a perfect pick for your Mediterranean-inspired breakfast nook! Why? It brings a breezy, natural vibe that's oh-so inviting. The woven texture adds a touch of fun, and its warm tones cosy up the space. Plus, it's like bringing a bit of outdoor charm indoors! Light, airy and totally on point!

The Marah Terracotta Vase is an excellent accent for Mediterranean decor. Its unique design, crafted from terracotta with a matte white and volcano finish, adds a touch of modern sophistication.

This classic vase gets a modern twist with its subtly tapered design, seamlessly complementing built-in or console


Unfortunately, the initially suggested pillow is sold out. However, I've discovered a lovely replacement that beautifully aligns with the theme.

Crafted from 100% natural jute, it brings a touch of warmth and personality to the space. The rug's unique charm, evident in its slight colour variations and weave irregularities, adds an authentic character to the design. Its versatility and durability make it well-suited for various spaces, ensuring resilience to daily use.

Do you need help navigating the nuances of design, colour palettes, or creating a cohesive theme?

If you're looking for personalized help in styling your dining room or kitchen area, don't hesitate to book an online consultation with me. I can assist you in creating a shopping list and guide you through the process. You can explore my online packages or schedule an online consultation to get started on transforming your space.


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