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Located in the tranquil hills of Barcelona with a stunning sea view, this house is surrounded by lush greenery, offering a peaceful and serene environment.

The interior design was
crafted to reflect the calmness of the surroundings, while also incorporating typical Spanish features that complement the local architecture and style.

Purchased by a new owner, the 15-year-old house underwent major changes, including the removal of the wall separating the kitchen and living area to create a spacious and bright living space that opens up to the view and infinity pool in the garden.

All three bathrooms were completely redesigned, and the rest of the areas in the house were refreshed in a
modern, warm, and minimalist style with a Spanish touch.


Living at its Best 

A Stylish and Serene Hillside Retreat
House, Barcelona

A dinning area of a mediterranean, modern house. Nature and plants reflected in the window glass. Warm, summer day.
minimalist bathroom, bathtub detail
Big open space during the remodeling phase. A separation wall being demolished


Planning and Conceptualization

Our journey with this project started with a site visit where we evaluated the current state of the house and identified opportunities for improvement.

Our main focus was on
creating an open and airy space that would allow our client to fully embrace the stunning natural surroundings. With that in mind, we began the process of demolishing walls and rethinking the entire layout.

The scope of the project required a complete reconfiguration of the interior layout, including redesigning all three bathrooms, repositioning furniture, and creating an updated electrical plan.


Visualization and Presentation

During the 3D concept phase, we were able to show the client how the proposed changes would look in real life. This was especially important for this project because the house was older and had a traditional layout that did not make the most of the stunning views and natural surroundings.

By using 3D rendering software, we were able to create a
realistic representation of the proposed changes and allow the client to see the potential of their new home.

project detail drawings of a bathroom space


Documentation and Execution

All the 2D plans were developed, taking into consideration the new areas disposition, bathroom design, furniture disposition, and electric plan.

The new materials were selected to create a modern, soft, and warm minimalistic look, while also respecting the Spanish style and architecture of the house.

During the execution phase, we demolished the wall separating the kitchen from the living area and improved the layout to make the space open and spacious.

We also replaced the existing lighting fixtures and changed the flooring materials, giving the old oak wood flooring a fresh new look.


From Vision to Reality

In just 4 months, the project was completed and all the designed changes were fully implemented.

Throughout the process, we maintained a careful
balance between style and budget to achieve the best possible outcome for our client.

The result is a stunning and serene hillside retreat that perfectly reflects the client's
vision and enhances the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape.

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Dinning area with warm afternoon light and shadows. Interior Design project of a spanish villa
abstract photo of a light and shadow in the interior of a spanish minimalistic villa
Bedroom area of a minimalist mediterranean villa
Small bathroom design in modern and minimalistic style.
a view through the window towards a spanish valley. Cloudy day and infinity pool
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